Lessons Learned Part Two: Remember why you started

Happy new month and happy #TransformationTuesday. It’s time to activate greatness.

We are in the fifth month of the year! It’s so crazy. I guess the age-old adage of ‘time flies when you are having fun’ holds true. Five months into the year – what have you done thus far? Are you still on track regarding your plans for the years? These are some of the questions I pondered on over weekend, plus the importance of going back and being reminded of why I started…



I was tried on so many occasions over the weekend and it made me realise how easy it can be to lose track of things because of external factors; both in life and in the entertainment industry. And it’s also very easy to simply lose momentum and dwell on the noise, the hate and things that don’t build, but destroy.

My mom has always stressed the importance of keeping a journal of all your goals, the progress made and how far you still have to go. I’ve done exactly that ever since the age of 15, and it has proven to be a very helpful tool growing up. We all need to go back to basics every now and then, and be reminded of all the dreams and why you started the things you are currently doing. The purpose, the intention and the reason why you embarked on this journey in the first place; whatever the journey might be.

It’s soul-crushing to just do things for the sake of doing without purpose or guidance. Always write everything down in detail and use it as a reference point every now and then. I have a giant board at home with handwritten notes, visuals and a calendar to help me stay on track when it comes to my dreams. In my past experience, I’ve realised that a path that lacks guidance or an end goal can easily be side tracked by human beings or one’s own lack of focus. It’s vital that you aren’t worried about what other people are doing or saying.

Most accomplished people in the industry (and life in general) are focused on what they are doing, how they can better themselves and better their tomorrow. They zone in on their objectives and drown out the noise, which is one of the most important life rules and the secret behind a lot of my accomplishments.


Always remember; you can’t stop dreaming big just because it makes some people uncomfortable. You can’t stop working hard to achieve those dreams just because it exposes other people’s laziness and lack of ambitions. And you definitely can’t stop your commitment to your ever-evolving goals just because you forgot where and WHY you started or that you’ve allowed family, friends, or the world to derail you.

Here’s my advice if you’ve given up on your resolutions or don’t even have a plan for this year:

  1. Be clear and decide what you want. Make sure your plans are detailed.
  2. Keep a diary and write them down.
  3. Never be scared to ask for help, advice or guidance from others.
  4. Work on them every single day.

Because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Remember the true value of hard work and patience, and always remember to enjoy the ride.

We are left with only seven months till the end of the year. You can still accomplish every single thing your heart desires…. And you know it!! 😉

Till the next blog post.