Bonang does it again: The House of BNG Nectar presents its new, pure sparkling wine in a can

Johannesburg, October 21st, 2020 Bonang Matheba’s House of BNG continues its unstoppable ascent in the South African luxury beverage market with its latest release, BNG Nectar, one of the first South African luxury beverage brands to produce a true sparkling wine in a can.

The BNG Nectar Rosé and BNG Nectar Blanc release follows the launch of the brand’s successful Brut and Brut Rosé MCCs last year and the Prestige Reserve earlier this year.

“I’m so excited about The House of BNG’s growth as a brand and in its innovation of new products. BNG Nectar is for my kind of lifestyle! It’s perfect for adventure and on-the-go celebrations and brings a touch of luxury and celebration to any occasion,” says Bonang Matheba.

The first black woman to become a member of the prestigious Cap Classique Producers Association, Bonang continues to innovate the category and has also brought her fashion flair & sparkle to The House of BNG Nectar packaging.

Containing four slim-line cans, the packaging resembles a “clutch bag” and also features an easy-to-carry “gold rope handle” (sure to become the ultimate style accessory this summer). The innovative BNG Nectar cans are fully recyclable and, as they have a smaller carbon footprint than glass bottles, are environmentally friendly.

Not to be confused with a spritzer (which is wine mixed with carbonated water), BNG Nectar is one of the first ranges of exceptional quality, true sparkling wines to be produced in a can in South Africa. Crafted together with globally acclaimed Cape Wine Master, Jeff Grier, both the House of BNG Nectar Blanc & Nectar Rosé are ideal as an aperitif or in cocktails.

“Wines in cans, including sparkling wines, are trending and Bonang Matheba, who is always on trend, has combined these two categories to create something unique for the House of BNG. As far as I am aware this is one of the first attempts at producing full sparkling wines in a can (at over three bars pressure). In the Nectar (Demi-Sec) style, both the Nectar Blanc and the Rosé are light in style but big on taste,” says Jeff Grier.

The Blanc, in particular, pairs perfectly with shellfish and poultry dishes as well as fruit-based desserts. The Rosé, by contrast, compliments curries and spicy Thai dishes and is especially delicious with strawberries. Both wines are fresh and lively with a delicate, balanced Nectar finish. The Rosé is perfumed with floral tones and a hint of Turkish delight while the Blanc is intensely aromatic with tropical fruit and hints of citrus.

A proudly South African product, The House of BNG Nectar range promises to turn every location into a vibrant, stylish occasion, the “Bonang way”.