B* x Forbes Woman Africa

Hey!! Happy Tuesday!

I recently graced the cover of Forbes Woman Africa with millennials that are changing the face of entrepreneurship in Africa, and shared what it took to be a successful media entrepreneur in South Africa.

I thought I should share some extracts from the interview below. The issue is still available countrywide, so go get your copy and read the rest of my interview!

On destiny… I initially wanted to be a pre-school teacher. I am a Cancerian, a nurturer at heart, and I just wanted to work with children. At the age of 15, I decided to enroll for a television presenting course, and I am really grateful for that providence. I can’t imagine my life doing anything else.

On rejection… I was turned down at least 25 times before I landed SABC2’s Manhattan Fantasy. SABC1’s Live music show, which launched my career, rejected me six times. MetroFM and YFM ignored four and seven of my demos respectively. I also went through numerous Top Billing auditions without luck. I am very resilient. There’s always a voice at the back of my mind that says push, and push some more. I’ve learnt that they are not rejecting me as a person; it’s just that I am not what they are looking for at a particular time.

On being a media entrepreneur… Entertainment has a very short life span. For me, longevity has always been a very big part of it. The only way you do it is by expanding your business because, let’s face it, I won’t look like this for the rest of my life and I understood that from a very young age.

On giving back… The year 2016 is all about giving back. I am currently sponsoring a young lady who wants to study her master’s. In September, I will be taking girls from across the country to a seven-day motivation camp. I will share more details regarding this initiative soon!!! Keep it locked on all my social media accounts and website.