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Bonang is Sunday Times’ ‘IT” Girl for 2012…

Happy Mondays honey bees…

What an incredible year I’ve had. One of the toughest and most painful year of my life, but also the most fulfilling. I always say that God never puts you through something he knows you cannot handle, and I’m proof. He pulled me through it all then gave me my DREAM JOBS.

This year I started shooting Clash Of The Choirs SA and Top Billing, shot my first Destiny Magazine cover, was on the October cover of Elle Magazine, won a Glamour Award, was on the Forbe’s List, won a Feather Award, had my 1st tv production under my company BME (Bonang Matheba Entertainment) and bought myself a brand spanking new car, lol! I’m blessed beyond description and PROOF yet again, that when you work hard, God will meet you half way.

Thank you for supporting me and loving my craft, even Sunday Times Newspaper agrees with you. I’m their “IT” Girl for 2012 because of ALL the hard work I’ve put in. I’m grateful.

Thank you 2012 for teaching me to be strong, teaching me to be patient and teaching me to just have FAITH. I may not know what God is planning, but he’s always on MY side. And to YOU; be patient, everything will utlimately fall into place. It doesn’t make sense right now, but all will be ok..

Here’s to 2013!! See you next year… love, B*

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  • Kea says:

    Thank you so much for this…:-)

  • Gibson Manyaapelo says:

    What I admire most about you is your willingness to forgive. There is no greater feat in life than that and you are a great example. Another thing that simply stuns me about you, is your faith. Faith is a very difficult thing for many people, yet your faith in the faithfulness of God has proven very exemplary to me.

    You’ve been tested severely and some in the media got their chance to be gleeful about it, but you never missed a step; You kept on smiling, laughing and being positive. I can really say that I admire you a lot.

    I wish you an even bigger 2013, considering how 2012 was for you.

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