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Bonang covers Heat Magazine’s Winter Style Guide Supplement…

Another day, another cover… Happy Wednesday honey bees…!!

Get your hands on the Winter Style Guide 2012, free with the latest Heat Magazine. Inside I give you all my fashion, hair and make up tips. Plus info on how YOU can wear your favourite winter trends this year… Tres fab!!

B*Dazzled episode 15 coming soon…Have a gorgeous day.. Lotsa love!! B*

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  • Mandisa says:

    Dear Bonang,
    you are such an insperation to young people like me who have big dreams and who are go-getters. i love your blog and I pick up some tips from it. Your cover for HEAT magazin looks fabulous like the other magazine covers such as TRUE LOVE, and I wonder what is your secret to success ’cause girl you are sky scrapping… you are building legacy here! keep up the good work

  • busie says:

    ahhh man words cann’t express how much i Love U….I look up to people like u and i love what U do B* u are such an inspiration…. keep winning baby <3<3<3

  • Precious says:

    Hey B* 🙂 …

    Can I please ask… wOuld it be tOO much tO ask yOu fOr a daily update with regards tO yOur daily fashiOnable wears? (in yOur websute OfcOurse)… I mean..yOu are such a trend setter and friday night I get clued tO my T.V just tO see what ur girl B* wOuld be wearing, and then it’s Off tO bed fOr me, I hardly watch the whOle shOw… meng’bOne wena nje… all is made up fOr …lOl.. and I bet yOu..even sOme Of yOur fans (me included) are fOrever curiOus On what B* be wearing each day … yOu make it all seem sO easy nje … and we lOve yOu fOr being yOu… I lOve yOu.. everything nje abOut yOu screams cOnfidence and One can just tell nje ukuthi it is all yOu… and yOu ain’t trying tO be sOmeOne else… We lOve yOu B*… stay beautiful babe 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Snegugu mtshali says:

    I would like u if u could help me fnd a job on promotions in beauty care or a modellin agent bt my problem is i dnt hve money or experience pls help 4rm durban bt nw im stayin in pretoria soshanguve wit my mum.i hve did promotion wrk 4 loreal b4..pls help me pls

  • KaSondiya says:

    Cant wait 4 episode 15, its been a looooong wait and im so hooked on B*dazzled I just cant get enough……… I got the mag gal and love da tips I also got the Destiny Mag as well, anything that u appear on I just have to get. Love u lots Queen B* u are a true inspiration. Take care and stay B*eautiful………….. LuViEs………………..

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