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B’s 2012 P.R Pictures…. Super HOTT!!

Styling- Dumi Gwebu, Hair and Make Up- Nthato Mashishi, Photographer- Nick Boulton

Hey Friends…

Just wanted to share my new PR pics… how hott?? celebrating the year of the ‘Queen’… I’m going bigger and better this year, trust YOU will to…

Here’s to a year filled with lots of LOVE, happiness, hard work and tons of success… if I can do it….. so can YOU!!!

To all the King and Queenz that love and support my craft and my work- I am what I am because of you and I’m eternally grateful..

Have an amazing 2012!! love, B*

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  • phelo says:

    Hey queen B u an inspiration jas kno that.I love you dearly

  • zamani says:

    Wow babe you look hott, I can’t deal. Keep up the good work coz you are going far…the pics r too nyc

  • Mashu 'Shoes' Moleme says:

    I admire u big tym nd i lyk de way u pose. Ayoba queen B!

  • Lesego Phateng says:

    You’re a true inspiration lady. There aren’t so many women to look up to in S.A. so you carry a powerful torch before those that want to be like you. Now on to the pictures…Hotttness ma lady, Hotttnesss!

    As for 2012, a year dedicated to greatness & excellence…of which are 2 of the many things u ooze.

  • Katelicous says:

    Hey gal jstb wanna say that u are so amazing young ,beautiful and smart. It feels so good to be a young black woman supporting another young black woman and cheering for her success. You inspire awhhole lot. Of young girls becos u ae so ambitous and determined, dnt let anything or anyone. Stand in ur way as u knw that there will be peeps that will try to destroy u and ur achievements but keep ur head up high keep hustliing and remember we as ur fans love u and God will alwys love and bless u keep to him love alwys Katelicous

  • masego 'maSsG' says:

    U’re such a true inspiratiOn and rOle mOdel tO all, yOung n Old!!! I admire the wOrk yOu dO! YOu have the ability tO influence sO many lives but the simple fact that u remain humble n true tO whO yOu are is mOtivatiOn n inspiratiOn enOugh fOr all Of us…always dOing a fine jOb!!! Stay gOrgeOus>>> xoxoxo

  • Aviwe says:

    Kip t up hun. Wishin u ol da best wth lots of luv..stay sweet beautiful n as hardworkin as u are

  • tiisetso says:

    Wow this does really look fab B*

  • sindinkosi says:

    I love u gal<3 u look tops

  • caroline says:

    Hi bonang u rock my world,lov u so very much ,I’m following ur footsteps.really wish oneday I wl b like u mwah.hope u wl help me

  • Sibongiseni pefile says:

    Gal am so hppy 4 u, u gng big n strng n i stil wsh u ol the bst…Aaaaw

  • Theodore Absolon says:

    B* loving this hot mess, Mama Bear. Dumi, Nthato and Nick did a fabulous job with the shots! So proud. Here’s to you and many, many more…

    Your biggest fan from CPT.

  • Lerato Lehoko says:

    Hey Momma Bear!

    You continue to inspire not only me but the world at large. You are true Superstar. You are loving, kind, respectful of others and yourself! I love you for that. Your talent is beyond measurable and I appreciate how welcoming you are of people who steal a thing or two from your presenting,

    May the Lord continue to bless you in this new year. May you make more friendships, more sponserships and may the almighty keep guiding you and your Superman. I’m happy that once again you have people that make you happy everyday cos all I want for you is pure happiness, You deserve it.

    Keep shining!
    Keep smiling to bring em haters down and
    Keep loving me, your number one fan and supporter! 🙂

    Love you lots.
    Lerato Lehoko.

  • Bukelwa Zwide says:

    Frm 1 Queen B to the other…..aaaaaaaah hun but your team did best. You r loooookin stunning babe nd u nevah evah disappoint. U such inspiration to a whole lot of us, your work ethic iz incredibly strong. I wish you everything of the very best, keep being the shining star you are.

  • Khanya says:

    Hi B

    This is just a note, in passing, to say congrats on all your achievements thus far. You’re a true inspiration to the millions of youngsters in South Africa and for that I pray that God continues to shower you with blessings!

    Guess what? I’m one of the Lifestyle winners for the month of January and soon enough I’ll be in the presence of one of the greatest.
    What’s more exciting about this is that is the fact that I’m an aspiring radio and tv presenter, so to be in the presence of South Africa’s spotlight stealer will most definately be phenomenal. In a week or two I begin training at UjFm as one of their newest jocks and in no time, I’ll be walking alongside you B. I mean with the Live auditions coming up soon, I’m about to B on THAT grind. So Miss Matheba, you’ve just been informally introduced to the biggest asteroid to hit our land,after you.

    KhanyaM ***

  • kefilwe says:

    B* u are on fire.these pictures are hot.I would just like to know where I can get that long black skirt? How much is it?

  • Luleka says:

    That is the fruit of being a hard worker I admire you B, you are an inspiration, thank you for best wishes and wishing you a fabulous 2012. Love you.

  • Judy says:

    You are too hot

  • lesego says:

    i love you Bonag Matheba with all my heart and my spirit……………what an inspiration you trully are…………………just take a silent moment and close your eyes……………………..and recieve the blessing i have showered upon your live…………………………………..OH MY GOD WHAT A WORKING SUCCESS YOU ARE………LOVE YOU BBEEEE

  • Bumnandi silwane says:

    Your 2012 PR pics are beautiful, u neva dissapoint!!
    truly inspiring me to be the Queen of my life, take hold of it and make a success of it dankie
    enjoy your 20self and continue being prosperous!


  • mapule malope says:

    hey B i really love your blog… especially these new pix…. you are a beauty sweet heart…
    lol can i use your pix for my blog too *puppy face* ill reference for sure.
    love ya honey B

  • Neo Mohapi says:

    Oh how I missed this website while I was at home for the holidays. Well I’m glad I’m back now. It’s me and the UFS internet BILLS this time.
    Love you Miss Bonang Matheba

  • Busiswa Hlalukana says:

    Great pics! Looking awesome as always!

  • nthabiseng sekhoto says:

    Miss B you are stunning,hot beautiful,perfect,elegant,amazingly WONDERFULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SWEET…

  • mbali ntuli says:

    Love you B..your my inspiration!! Your my role model

  • Feziwe Bhengu says:

    Wow!! These pictures are absolutely stundee* Continue making South African women proud. I have a feeling that 2012 will be THE ‘B*’ YEAR!! Love you Queen B xoxo

  • Zoleka Moseya says:

    B* Looking fabulous as always, I love these pix trully are a style icon….Africa is in your hands love!!!

    Love you Missy #RockStar

  • Nosipho says:

    I just hope and pray that I will also succeed this, and be also something. Am sure that god will give you more blessing. I love u girl

  • gugzie says:

    Ow hw I love my gal BeeE mis bonang matheba I m inspired by yhu,yhu jst thee best miss bee yhu my hero n I love yhu 4 inspiring us young galz with ur wise wrds I love yhu MISS BEE

  • Xoliswa Lee Mdluli says:

    Girl u look amazing,the work you do is so incredible,I just love what you do n everything about you,keep on inspiring us the you youth,every time your words just bless me Love you B*

  • kganetso kilogram says:

    Im getting addicted to your website.. U r going places. Cant wait for the next episode of B* Dazzled. #teamBONANG

  • Dineo Monatisa says:

    Miss Bonang Matheba is really dazzled in this new year, really loving the look.

  • Dudu says:

    U luk beautiful as alwys n thnx 4 sharing those pics luv u n plz folow m on twitter plz @Drylipz

  • Xoliswa says:

    Hey miss B.I love ur work everything you do. Keep up the hard work. .Much LOVE.

  • Nkanyiso says:

    Ms Beehive l’m glad u Beehaving kulo nyaka. Senza ama JUST DO DAT once more. Hhayi kabi, we r in it 2 win #justnje ;-)…All d best Ms B!

  • caroline says:

    i just want to say that i love you so much and im one of your biggest fans. i thought i would win a BF GLAM CAMP ticket but i didnt,lol its ok though. I look up to you dear you inspire me soooo much and i always always love your outfits and hair and make-up,everything about you je. mwah mwah mwah keep shining

  • Gomotsegang Mathipa says:

    beautiful pictures…you GO girl! 🙂 i wish you the best in 2012 keep inspiring

  • gugu khuzwayo says:

    woooooow 100% pure gorjus…ngesizulu sithi Ubuhle bendalo…gosh me luuuuurrrvvvvee yuo B

  • Sandile Sandy Nene says:

    Wow This Is Just Super Cool, I Love Queen Bee And I Mention Her Everyday 0n Twitter!
    My Handle Is @Sandy_Nene

    I’m Also Into The Entertainment World, I Sing, Dance Act, Write And Do Poetry 😀


  • Pumlani Malashe says:

    They look Fab Ms B… the chair look

  • Neo says:

    tsssss HOT! Always!

  • Tumi says:

    Salute to the Queen B! Keep on doing your thing hun. Met her at the Brutal Fruit Glam Camp what a warm soul, may God continue to richly bless you. Salute*

  • @ropenana says:


  • Gugu Ndabezitha says:

    Good job Bonang. I keep failing but I push even harder because of you. You’re a blessing in my life and you don’t even know it. Thank you for being YOU… G

  • Thobeka says:

    Hey bonang m ur biggest fan, luv u lots

  • Luxx Mbadu says:

    I totally love ur work ‘B’ hope u keep pushin hard cause not evn a quarter of the women around the continent have wat u have. I’m a guy but I respect ur work really much bbz. Keep pushing and doin wat u do best,I’m behind u girl 100000000%. Love u really much and respect u 2 much.

  • Nomtika says:

    You are one woman i trully admire and look up to. I know you get a lot of related statements and i’m sure everyone who says it means it. You appreciate your fans and you give your best in all that you do- people, epecially me, love you because you are beautiful on the inside and that shines and adds to the beauty on the outside. I love you Bee and I so wish to work with or at least meet you one day. Stay blessed.

  • Nomtika says:

    oh and the pictures… absolutely snaaazy! dzazzling! 🙂

  • nkosazana says:

    Bonang is the reason i want to make sure i develop myself to being the most successful person in my own will. i look at Bonang and i wanna come up with the most effective business proposal and make it work. I look at B and i wanna be the BEST photographer out there and most stylish ofcos, i look at Ms B my deepest fear of being powerful beyond all measures becomes a motivation. I look at Ms B and im DAZZLED!!!!!!!!!!!
    You rock Ms Lady B.

  • richard says:

    I wish you Good luck my beautiful Queen God bless you 2012 keep Going remember you’re number 1 in Africa and you will be number one in world Good luck and God bless you Amin, From my ht

  • richard says:

    we love you 2 Queen Bonang matheba I mis you babe love Angel Queen Bonang Matheba.

  • mbalee utricia nkosi says:

    Hey Queen B*.
    i know you hear this everyday,that you are wonderful,so great you shine brighter than the star in the sky.and you now know that all this is true,you know that we worship and love you morethan the word itself.
    my dream is to be wonderful,kind,loving,successful,shine,interactive,happy just like you,i hope to meet you one day.the bible says that those who are patient and have faith all good things shall come to them and i am patient,because i am waiting for that moment when that good thing happens to me and that is meeting you,thank you Bonang (Queen B*) Matheba

  • Lorato Seritshane says:

    You are such an inspiration to women out there.
    Modimo a go okeletse a go tshegofatse go feta mo gal.
    Love you

  • richard says:

    you’re number 1 south Africa and Africa you’re the best God bless you Amin.

  • c mthembu says:

    wow nyc pics B. now its funny hw many try so hard to be u bt truth is, thr cn only b 1 Queen B n dats u.

  • Bonny says:

    I wish u were my girlfriend.

    I’m looking forward to your Reality Show.

  • busiswa says:

    My Adorable Queen B* thers nthn more daring that the love that u also sh0w back 2 us ur fans! U get 2hear this everyday bt I ADORE YOU evn my whole kasi knws dat I look up to! Keep rockin dear looooooooove loooooooove 4u <3

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  • nokuthula says:

    hi bonang u inspire me and encourage me to be me and to be out there although sometimes i find it difficult to dress up and go out there becoz im afraid of what people might say…please post some tips for how to match clothes and whats hot this summer.thnx

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