BONA Cover

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  • neo  says:

    Hey B….this is neo monaledi from pretori..I’m so in love with u nd ur work…I also wanted 2 be a presenter just like u bt I ddnt gt the opportunity any way I STILL LOVE U nd I wil ALWAYS DO……love neo

  • Nomsa  says:

    I can’t image my friday night without seeing, u’ve became more than a presenter, radio personality and a model to most young and older woman, u have became an inspiration and a big role model.

    Thank u God bless u even more, I would not be suprise if u became our South African Oprah
    All together “This is a Live exclusive”
    I love u((Hugs))&**Kisses**

  • Amanda Mandy  says:

    Eyyy B…*making a noise just like her* Mandy love your work big time…and I look up to you and one day I mean one day I’ll b just like you watch the space…lol…wish you all the best girlfriend and may god grant with everything you wish in life…don’t let any haters to bring you down…keep on doing what u good @ mwa mwaa

  • nanamhla adonis  says:

    Heeeeey B*!! just wated to let you know how much your work is appreciated and how you are just such an awesome person…I had the pleasure of meeting you once, and that day has been the best day in JHB thus far, hopefully i’ll bump into you again sometime really soon…we love you all, stay B*eautiful in and out and i wish you all the best for everything *team bonang*

  • vuyokazi betho  says:

    my B… Just love you.. i love everything about. u such an inspiration.. i cant get enough of you b*dazzled episodes.. they filled with so much awesumness. keep up the good work… love ja… mwahz

  • buhle S.  says:

    hey B..i love you so much n ithink you the best presnter……i love yo personality..u r always loooking wish is 2 meet you…that could be my best year ever…I Love so much..MWAAAAAAh…..wish you all the success….YOu Da BESt!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Buhle Shange  says:

    i love youuuuu soooo much gal B…hope 2 c yu one dae..mcwaaah

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