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Brutal Fruit

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  • buhle S. says:

    loooking gud B!! ilove you

  • sandra says:

    I would like to start by saying that it is truly great that there is a
    platform such as this in South Africa to promote not only awareness of
    the South African lesbian community but also an appreciation and pride
    in who we are. This is what like to speak to you about:

    My partner and I are getting married (see attached photo) on 26th May
    this year in Alberton. Gauteng. We are both successful, ambitious,
    beautiful, strong and much-loved black females. A large problem in
    South Africa is attacks on Black female lesbians which has made it
    increasingly difficult for women like us to be out in the open-
    standing tall and proud and yelling: “I LOVE HER.” Coupled with fear
    of abuse and rejection is the idea that young black lesbian women are
    being given that there is something ‘wrong’ with you if you’re a
    lesbian and that is “white” thing to do. Most lesbians don’t even know
    how to incorporate their traditions and cultures into their marriages
    because they are made for heterosexual couples.

    We feel that one of the main reasons that this is happening is because
    there isn’t enough visible black lesbians who inspire and motivate by
    example. In other words: “Where is our Ellen and Portia?” We feel that
    our wedding this year would fill that gap. This is where you come in,
    I was wondering if it’s possible for your magazine to help us reach a
    country of black lesbians who are out there working just as hard and
    loving just as hard as any heterosexual person and all they need to
    know is that we are proud.

    We are approaching a number of influential gay institutions in the
    country to help us share our beautiful day with the country (and maybe
    even the continent) to build a consciousness we have been fighting for
    years now: The type of consciousness of love, understanding, joy and
    peace regardless of who we are. This help can be in any form from
    media exposure to corporate sponsorship to advertising…anything that
    will help us show them what being a black south African lesbian really


    Sandra Mabe

    -Systems South Africa (Pty) Ltd
    Operational Excellence – Security

    AV Specialist

    International Business Gateway, New Road, Midrand, 1685

    +2783 401 3373 +2783 401 3373 (mobile)

    +27 83 792 7033 +27 83 792 7033 (alt)

    0113742197 0113742197 office


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